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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hannity, We Have A Problem!

"I know how well Sandy Berger is regarded. I'm a fan of his, and I just want to understand this because — and I want Americans to understand how a good man would do something that, on the surface, doesn't look that good. Right?" - Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes, Miserablist

I do not envy Alan Colmes. He is Fox's resident token liberal who must spar with his intellectual superior, conservative co-host Sean Hannity, daily. I watch the Hannity & Colmes show regularly. I do not enjoy it. However, it is often the only chance to see conservative politicians given a fair chance to speak. It is clear to me that Alan Colmes was purposefully brought in as a lightweight "foil" to Sean Hannity. Instead of standing up as a serious debating partner to Mr. Hannity, Mr. Colmes often comes across as either dishonest or disingenuous.

Although my respect for Mr. Hannity is limited, any hint of respect that I had for Mr. Comes has disappeared with his recent support for Sandy Berger. No one debates the fact that the former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton stole classified documents prior to his testimony with the 9-11 commission, preventing the group from ever gaining access to what could have been information vital to the defense of this country. He has admitted it himself. However, the question remains, what information was in the purloined documents? Mr. Berger claims he can't remember. If he is incapable of remembering, so be it. Some might say that it's frightening to think that a man who was partially responsible for the the safety of the U.S. had such a memory problem, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

The American public is left to speculate: what was so important in those documents that a man would risk embarrassment on a national level at the very least, and possibly a long prison term? A reasonable, I would suggest required, inquiry since the man can't answer it himself.

On his radio show and television show, Mr. Colmes has commented many times in the last several years regarding the Berger case. He has gone from defending the accused of absent mindedness, to trying to shut down any line of inquiry on his watch as host. Shameful!

In one instance, he suggests that Mr Berger removed the documents to study them at home. Can he truly believe that? Can anyone? Is Mr. Colmes simply extremely gullible? Later, he tries to shut down any real debate by introducing the idea that there is no evidence to support the prosecutions claim that the documents were vital to the 9-11 commission. Since Mr. Berger stole the documents, as he admits, then of course there is no evidence. All the more reason to question exactly what was in those papers that left the archive in Mr. Berger's pants.

We may never know, since he destroyed the documents!

As Alan Colmes finished his segment last night, he asserted that the prosecution was making a big deal out of nothing! It is clear, as my husband pointed out, that Mr. Colmes is incapable of the intellectual honesty required to step away from his political ideology and admit that there is a problem here!!

Alan Colmes, Miserablist.


GCL said...


Anyway, is your definition of a miserbalist someone who accepts wrongs for the greater good of their political party? If so then a bunch of miserablists voted Bush back into power in 04.

Sidebar, I just listed you on my Must Read bar.

James Henry Bailey said...

Husband: Yes, it's legal in Massachusetts.

My evolving definition of a miserablist is someone who's thinking is so currupted by ideology that their view of the world is no longer a realistic one. A miserablist is someone who sees the world as a dreary place, and their faith in human potential is totally lacking. They insist on trying to make everyone as miserable as they are.

a bunch of miserablists voted Bush back into power in 04.

in 2004, the vast majority of Americans trusted George W. Bush to continue the fight against the 9-11 terrorists, and to fix the mess in Iraq- and they voted to give him a second term. I would not consider them miserablists. Optimists. But it's not like they had much choice. The alternative was much worse!! John Kerry- the ultimate miserablist (don't ever forget that the freshman senator from my home state did NOT support equal marriage protection for gays and lesbians).

Thank you for the sidebar listing! Very much appreciated.

Sidebar, I am moving from Blogger to Typepad this weekend. Did a lot of research and found glowing reviews of TypePad, and a lot of grumblng about Blogger.

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